Steak makes me happy,
It smells like a mixture of odors, thick and rich.
It looks nice and brown with a bit of marbling and a bit of blood,
Steak tastes good.
I always want a steak knife to cut it easily,
I like to eat it off the bone,
I like mine medium well.

I like everything sweet, cookies.
When I get to heaven I want a tomato sandwich and ice cream,
Because I can have both.

Medium rare and thin,
I like mine from outback with loaded potatoes.
I like lamb as rare,
Legs and individual lamb chops,
They’re different, other cute of meat.

Cookies, cake and ice cream,
Steak doesn’t fill me.

-By the residents of Taylor Village

Walking in the Light Rain

You get little drips at first,
Then it gets bigger and nosier.
A clean air,
A slight drizzle.
We loved it when we didn’t have lightening and could go out.
Different flowers give you different odors.
After the rain, I feel happy.
The rainbow comes out.
I feel a clean air.
After the rain, you get a dull odor. The air seems fresher.
You hear bup-bup-bup-bup-bup as the water drips off the roof.
I like to go out and walk in the rain
Rain can be very soothing,
A soft dribble,
Or scary like a hurricane.

-By the residents of Taylor Village

Ode to 4th of July

I see paraders, service, militaristic precision of the marching.
I hear lots of firecrackers,
Fireworks can be frightening because they’re so noisy.
“ooh” “aww”
I smell New England and America.
The children go way on up to Trinity Church.
We enjoyed seeing from hills and mountains- the beautiful country.
How beautiful, what we are seeing,
Pilgrimage to the shrine, especially Mary feast,
We’ve been blessed as a country.

-By the residents of Taylor Village


Music reminds me of movement.
It depends on the type of music.
If it’s marches I hear John Phillip Sousa,
Bands marching,
The band notes fill the air.
Tamba bob vida viso gorouy
My father was a musician and would always sing all the time in the car so we wouldn’t get into trouble with elbows or anything.
I played the organ because I got it for a discounted price.
I love music and I just listen to it,
I just like music.
I’m not part of an opera.
I love modern music,
Something relaxing.
Music reminds me of happiness.
I can’t sing,
I can’t play any instrument,
I just like music.

-By the residents of Taylor Village

music & Violin

Dinner at Eight

The thundering herd comes rolling,
Not knowing if it’s cattle or people.
Bad-da-dump, bad-da-dump, bad-da-dump-dump-dump
A lot of people talking and chattering,
They could be going to the bathroom, their room, or the activity room.
A narrow corridor clumps them together.
We always eat at Fellowship at the same time.
3 meals a day.
There’s always people passing by.
Some people can’t open the door because it hurts their back,
But usually the door is open.

-By the residents of Taylor Village