Springtime Storm

Laying on the hammock with the picture frame in my hand,

Birds chirping, bees buzzing in the warm spring day,

Reflecting back of when it all happens,

Is it because of me or him that passed away?


Stared at the picture for he might come back,

All the good memories we had, my heart remembers it all,

The hands that we hold, the lips that we kiss,

It all reminds me of you and only you.


This is the springtime storm of my life,

The raindrops kept hitting my heart deeper and deeper,

I know I’ll never get you back,

But why did you leave me without saying goodbye?


Our grandchildren always ask about you,

I put a happy face and point to the sky,

He’s up there looking at us,

Seeing you growing up and me trying to move on


Another warm spring day of me thinking about you,

With all the faith, love and hope I have,

I think I can move on like what you want me to.

The colorful rainbow is always out after a powerful storm.

–found poem by Tan Cheeranont, excerpted from Five Dramas of Illness, by Arthur W. Frank, pp. 381-387, and HPU LifeLines Poetry Workshop participants from Pennybyrn at Maryfield, High Point, NC, January 23, 2014.


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