So Glad You’re Here



Thank you for coming today,

“We’re so happy to see you.”

Am I happy to be here too?


Senility and dementia have no terror

The white of their hair scattered among the green of the orchard

makes them look like dandelions in a field, gossamers awaiting their final breeze.

As I walk passed them their eyes seem to follow me,

as if somewhere in their dementia they are trying to show some other vestige.


Serving: seeing the human as a whole. My priorities are set.

The places you’ve traveled, the people you’ve met,

the languages you speak, you’ve lived a wonderful life,

how could you forget?


Faith, hope and charity,

I can see it all now with clarity.

I’m so surprised you remember me

I love who you are, to me, underneath it all, you’re still there

Thanks for coming today,

We’re so glad you’re here



SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE found poem by Alexandra Durkin, excerpted from House of God, by Samuel Shem, pp. 1, 100, and HPU LifeLines Poetry Workshop Participants from Pennybyrne at Maryfield, High Point, NC, February 26, 2014.


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