Understand Me: A found poem by Tayla Curran

Understand Me

-A found poem by Tayla Curran, excerpted from The House of God, by Samuel Shem, pp. 72, 79, 186, 268, 307, 311, 333, 343, 351, 381, 467, 503, 505, and 507.

Not a tired speck at the edge of a vast unseen interstellar black,

But a king who knows his kingdom,

Unashamedly a hero,

Blinded by the fantasy of being a real doctor

These pathetic men were powerful men

Treating the untreatable

Blue Cross payments for holding hands

The gap between what was human and what was inhuman expands

Expanding to fill the world

He embraces himself even more,

Separating me from them

Knowing if you show a crack, you’ll shatter

Demonstrating our ignorance

Sweetheart, you can’t become a real doc without killing a few patients at the least.



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