Ethicality with the Gomer

GOMER, for Get Out of My Emergency Room

They’re a human who has lost

Lost what It means to be a human being

Some of them want us to kill them

Some of them don’t, I just wish they’d make up their minds

How about holding a pen in her hand and scribbling her name with it?

I do that to get my gomers to sign for posts

Well stop that, that’s illegal!

Too Bad, Too Late

Ship them to the Gomer home

I never did meet a Gomer who could tell two black doctors apart

I mean, Gomers is all that is here

And I said, sweetheart, this is Gomer City

-Found poem by Jimmy Connor

Shem, Samuel. The House of God: A Novel. New York: R. Marek, 1978. Print.


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