A Rainy Day

On a rainy day,
A hero is a friend who lends you an umbrella or a rain coat.
I don’t need an umbrella I’m not going outside!
The last time the HPU students were here it rained.
I’d love to be able to go out in the rain because I like to walk in it.
My favorite part of the rain is a good umbrella.
1 umbrella got left behind.
When it rains in summertime you can’t go out.
The grass will be green and flowers will grow,
Especially what Sarah is planting today.
It’s not all bad.

On a rainy day I like to play with a train.
Good time to get together with friends.

The rain feels like anywhere,
Put-put-put-put under an umbrella but you’re safe.
Rain is good for places that have a drought.
I like to hear it at night when I’m in a nice warm room.
We can’t get along without the rain.

-By the residents of Taylor Village


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