Pink is happiness, being a child,
Turquoise is soothing to the eyes,
Blue reminds me of the sky,
The secret color,
Green like the soil,
Blue like the sky I pick out clothes with blue in it.

Red like fire,
Yellow like the sun and flowers,
Orange like oranges, the fall and the smell of oranges,
A combination of red and yellow,
Black reminds me of funerals,
It is also a formal color.

Pink would sound warm and “huggy,”
Turquoise would sound comforting and mellow,
Blue can be soothing to your feelings,
A blue sky and blue ocean,
Green would sound like a mixture of blue and yellow,
Blue would sound like the waters that go up and down.

Pink like a baby laughing,
Yellow would look very pretty,
Turquoise-velvety and smooth,
Blue would feel soothing,
Green would feel like a combination of blue and yellow,
Blue like in the sky.

Pink would be soft on the tongue and taste like spearmint,
Yellow would be a weird taste because it’s hard to define,
Turquoise would taste smooth and mellow,
Blue would taste soothing,
Green like mint,
I’ve always enjoyed blue,
I like all the colors because I like to change.

-By the residents of the Smith and Deal household



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