Nature’s Caress

Valentine Memories, Memories in Nature, Nature’s Caress

By The Residents of the Taylor Village @ Pennyburn


I love getting Valentines

Everyone is happy and together

I love getting mail

Valentine’s Day is sweet

I love sunshine and flowers

I love the fresh grass

Walking in the grass in my bare feet

The sky is blue, yellow, and sunshine


Colors in the rainbow, the whole spectrum

Nature sounds like chirping and singing

Background silence

Sounds like wind, beauty, and motion

Nature smells like leaves changing

Soft breeze and flowers

Nature is seasons

Tastes like purity

Oranges, apples, and pears

Seafood and watermelon

Grass growing up and snowflakes

Just be me!

Beautiful life

I remember the beautiful woods

Campfire singing and storytelling

Going swimming

Stories about birds and animals

Catching falling leaves


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