Birds Who Fly

Birds Who Fly

Stay outside just to watch them

Very active and happy

Make you happy from their singing


Make lots of noises

Chirp chirp

Love to hear them sing, beautifully

Early in the morning

In trees, in nest, for family and babies

Like a little child

Feathers cover their wings

Nice and soft

Blue bird, red, lots of colors

Fly to many places

Looking for food, you gotta eat


It’s Raining

It’s Raining

Red, dark blue

Rain, rain is fun

Polka dot umbrella

Protecting herself from the rain

Happy day in the rain

Spring day

Trees and flowers

Singing in the rain, singing in the rain

Slight sun, warm day

Another rainbow

Mothers Garden

Mothers Garden

Yellow, red, black, white, any color

Her mother’s garden

Sun and rain,

I don’t like the rain

Spring and Summer

I like to smell the flowers

When it gets really cold bring them inside

Be gentle when you touch them

Spring time brings new flowers

The breeze feels nice against my skin

My mother’s garden was always shiny,

I would help her with the seeds.

Ode to Leprechauns!

Ode to Leprechauns!

The leaves were rusty red that day

and almost number three

I heard my mother say,

“Today is St. Patrick’s Day!”

We went outside to find green leaves

In the Spring.

It’s the day I cam eto Pennybyrn!

Maybe we could learn to sing

“My Wild Irish Rose”

It’s great to be Irish!

I wish for the luck and beauty of the Irish!