Narrative Medicine

Narrative Medicine is at the heart of the HPU LifeLines program. Several organizations across the country believe in the healing power of Narrative Medicine. Here are some links that demonstrate how Narrative Medicine is used by other institutions.

Columbia University Medical Center: Program in Narrative Medicine

Gentle Touch Healing

Honoring the stories of illness: Dr. Rita Charon at TEDxAtlanta

NPR: Alzheimer’s Patients Turn To Stories Instead of Memories

 The Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine


Poetry and Narrative Medicine

Poetry is the primary form of expression in the HPU LifeLines program. Other organizations also believe in the healing power of poetry. Below are some links that demonstrate how poetry and narrative medicine can be used to help others recover.

The Alzheimer’s Poetry Project

Healing Words- Film

Human Condition Magazine- UC San Diego School of Medicine

The Institute for Poetic Medicine

Where Do Poets Get Their Inspiration- Oprah



You don’t have to suffer from illness to write poetry! Below are some links to poetry that can be used as inspiration for personal reflection or to create strong poetry workshops themes, like those used in the HPU LifeLines program.

Poetry Foundation



Songwriting Works

Narrative Medicine 2